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Lyle Lachmuth

Hi Jill!

Nice start to your Blog.

And, it matches your picture.

I like your idea of using Mindmapping ... works like a darn.

Congrats on working with the 'learning challenged'. Good on you!

I love both Gardiners and Seligman's stuff... especially the Signature Strengths.

Have you looked at Kathy Kolbe's stuff on Instinct?

The Unsticking Coach™



Congratulations on your blog! I'm impressed

I've been working this past wek with gentleman who has Aspergers sydrome along with a PHD in sociology, wants to do research...Resume that's good but can't get past the interview. anyway I don't know why this is such a novel idea(no one has considered this) but why not look at doing research with organizations that are sympathetic to the quirks...Hello..... So we researched aspergers and autism and found all kinds of projects near Baltimore...Hopkins, Kennedy Krieger and NIH. I started a mindmap with him and he said"Is that a mind map?... Do you know about Tony Buzan?" I loved it, almost fell off the chair but now he's using them as part of the research and you know how well things come together with this tool. So now to break down the barriers for getting past the interviews.

If you would like any help with the LD population feel free to call on me. We do have a special program for transitions students entering college that might interest you.

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